Bip Bop Boom #21

03. Feb 2018 @ 21:00

Founder and lead guitar player Randy Rich lived and played in England for two years before he reunited his German band Randy Rich and the Poor Boys, which originally was formed in 1997, in September 2003. The line-up now is better than ever. Even in a trio they can create the different styles from 1950`s Country to Rockabilly and Rock`n`Roll. The boys play well-known songs, obscure late 1950`s songs, instrumentals and original material.
The trio toured 15 countries of Europe and made a big bunch of fans. Heights are performances at the big rockabilly festivals in Hemsby, England; Celje in Slovenja; Amsterdam, NL or Helsinki in Finland. 1999 the first EP was published on Part Records which was sold out inner one year. Different songs have also been published on many compilations. And two CDs were issued on Rhythm Bomb Records. In 2007 the boys founded their own “Emerald Records” label to release high quality vinyl records, like the brand new EP „Dance, Dance, Dance!“
The musicians` skills made it possible to back up Rockabilly legends as Jack Earls, Glenn Honeycutt (Sun Records), Janis Martin (RCA) and Alvis Wayne(Westport). On their gigs you will be impressed of the musician’s love to the music and the love to detail. Original instruments, microphones amplifiers and authentic clothes are the outfit of the trio. But the most important thing is the music that is as lively as over 50 years ago! You can make yourself sure of it on one of their shows. So don’t miss it!!

With more than 1000 Shows all over the world – including Japan, the USA, Russia and across Europe this rockabilly / rock ‘n roll hotpot has earned it’s spurs. But Spo-Dee-O-Dee keep reinventing themselves, as their latest multi-harmony incarnation proves on their 2014 Rhythm Bomb Records release “Drinkin’ Wine”. In the past they have been backing up legends like Wanda Jackson, Hayden Thompson or Rock La Rue and thrilled audiences at The Rockabilly Rave, Viva Las Vegas or the Hultsfred Hayride and many more.
Stay tuned to find out what the future holds for Spo-Dee-O-Dee!
See you soon when THE HOUSE IS A-ROCKIN!!!

Hier ist der Name Programm: Es laufen ausschließlich 7″ Vinyl Platten von ausgewählter Qualität! Gespielt wird ein Mix aus 50’s Rockabilly, Rhythm ‘n Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Blues und Country. Favorisiert werden Jiver, dabei kommen Bopper und Stroller nicht zu kurz… Getreu dem Motto:”Hauptsache Tanzbar”. So Watch out Cats and Kittens and don’t forget your Dancing Shoes!!!

Be it on the double bass or on the double vinyl decks – SHAKIN´ CASI aka BOPPIN’ MONKEY REVUE is known throughout the land for frantic shows!
Having started the ole musical career over 25 years ago on the electric bass he soon discovered an urge for the juicy warmth of bigger sounding bodies. And so Shakin’ Casi changed to the upright bass and turned to the various stylistical possibilities this instrument offers. He mastered the different styles of american roots music, the various forms of the blues and a huge chunk of what is known as jazz. But his playing is never dogmatic and his love for vintage movie soundtracks, obscure world music and much more always glimmers through. Although an afficionado of the volatile, Shakin’ Casi’s musical projects always stand for a massive impact – be it the ever so jumpin’ CHERRY CASINO & THE GAMBLERS, rockin’ & boppin’ ROUND UP BOYS or the magnificient HIGH STEPPERS.
As mentioned before he also performs as DJ SHAKIN’ CASI or BOPPIN’ MONKEY REVUE, who will turn every crowd into a bunch of wild savages – with the man himself as the priest chieftain.


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